Arkansas’ Famous Phone Booth/ Connecting a Trio of Cowboy Entertainers

phone booth (2)

Public pay phones and the structures around them have almost become a thing of the past, so much so that one phone booth in Northwest Arkansas has been placed on the National Register of Historic Structures. Listen in to the podcast and find out the whole story. And discover the connection between Oklahoma’s favorite son, Will Rogers, and the beginnings of the Wild West Shows of the latter part of the 19th century.

Red Ferns and Coon Dogs



The making of the film “Where The Red Fern Grows,” based on the book by Wilson Rawls, provided a little Hollywood excitement to the Oklahoma summer when I turned 10 years old. It was even made all the more exciting due to the stars of the movie being from my hometown! Listen to this story and a segment about Protection, Kansas and their 15 minutes of fame!

Do It Yourself Diplomacy: Let’s Talk About Lovely County



You won’t find Lovely County, Arkansas anywhere on a map. As a matter of fact, most of what used to be Lovely County, Arkansas lies in Oklahoma. But just because it’s gone doesn’t mean that the short existence of the County doesn’t play a big role in the history of the area. Click on the podcast to learn more about Lovely County!

Ozark Giraffe: An Endangered Species


Many areas around the United States have had an architecture peculiar to the area, dictated by culture, climate and the availability of materials. The Ozarks have their own peculiar breed: the Giraffe! These homes and buildings, some small and modest and others surprisingly ornate, had their heyday between the World Wars. Many Ozark towns still are graced by these structures from another time.

So, Which Is It?


The Barren Fork Creek, a tributary of the Illinois River, winds its way through the Boston Mountains of Arkansas and Oklahoma. You are likely to see it listed as the Barren Fork Creek or the Baron Fork Creek or even the nonsensical Barron Fork Creek. Whichever way you want to spell it, the Creek is an important part of the area’s geography and culture. So, which is it? Check out the podcast for the lowdown.