Sam Love was a Bigfoot Killjoy


Earlier this year, the Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium was held not far from Stilwell, Oklahoma.  I made the trip to follow up on the mythical beast that first eluded me in the summer of 1977. Sam Love, our local newspaper editor,  was having none of this Bigfoot scare! Join me for a story four decades in the making! Also, learn about community organizing from 5 -year-old Lyla. Click on the podcast to listen in!

Rebel Arizona and My Grandmother’s Apple Butter


The latest episode of Within The Realm is actually one of the first I recorded, it’s just taken a little bit of time to the stars to align to get it to you! This episode features two stories one about Confederate Arizona and the other about my Grandmother’s Apple Butter. Enjoy!

Fletcher Hardware: Store or Time Capsule?


Is it a hardware store or a museum? If you ask the folks in Stilwell, they’d tell you Fletcher Hardware is a little of both. Step into the store and a time where customers gathered around a wood-burning stove and co-mingled business and socializing. You never know what you might come up with at Fletcher’s!

Taking a Ride on the Southern Belle


All aboard! Join us for one of the last rides in streamlined comfort on the Southern Belle, the Sweetheart of America’s trains!While aboard we’ll learn a little about the Kansas City Southern railroad and how it came to be…and maybe have a lovely beverage, as well. Then we’ll see what connects a little natural gas well outside Dexter, Kansas to air and space travel. Click the podcast to climb aboard!

Hungry Foxes: Unexpected Depth from the Heartland

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Before your favorite artists were your favorite artists they were a musician in a local music scene, playing gigs and shows where they could and usually getting paid in Pizza, beer and “exposure.” Each local scene is a vibrant place with a surprising amount of talent within them. In this episode of Within The Realm we’ll meet 20 year old Hanna Albina, better known as Hungry Foxes, from Kansas City.  Listen to the podcast and enjoy!