The Whole idea Within The Realm is based on is this: Everything has a story and most of them are worth telling. These stories have come to me through time and travel, they have not been manufactured for the podcast but generated through a personal experience. Hence the name; the realm in question is mine. I’m happy to share it with you.

I think the best stories are those you don’t think you need to hear, but once having heard them, you’re glad you took the time to listen. There’s no reason anyone needs to hear a story about a historic phone booth or the Battle of Picacho Pass, but your experience is richer for it.

It’s my hope to provide the listener with an entertaining story and enough information to pursue the subject further if they wish. Even though these stories originated within my realm, I am sure that everyone has something like a Bigfoot hoax or a one of kind hardware store in their realms as well. I hope I can provide an additional lens from which to see the world.

I hope you enjoy the little bits of info I provide and find a little entertainment in them. Thanks for listening.