The Staff


Steve Garrett, the host of Within The Realm, has a lot of irons in the fire. He has been a journalist, a government official, a musician, a writer a political activist and, what he calls a “serial band dad.”

Born in a small town in eastern Oklahoma, his is a folksy approach to storytelling, no matter how cosmopolitan or urbane the subject matter might be. This upbringing allows Steve to look at material in a critical way. “Stories are a great way to learn important truths that we can apply to our own journeys,” he said.

His many endeavors have brought him into contact with many interesting people. He’s been lucky enough to hear their stories. When the time came to begin his stint as a podcaster, he knew he had plenty of stories to tell and pass along.

“I want the audience to hear these stories, in a conversational tone and in the subjects own voice, if possible,” he said. “We miss a lot about people because we miss their stories. If this show can make people look around and see things in a different way, no matter how small, I think we’ve done our job.”

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