Within The Realm podcast to return in February for Season 3

Within The Realm with Steve Garrett is currently working on a new season of episodes for the coming spring. The new season will continue the wide range of topics offered up by the podcast, but hopefully will also offer up a few surprises.

“We’re always learning new tricks to improve the podcast,” said host Steve Garrett. “Our goal is to provide an outstanding listening experience that is entertaining as well as educational and inspirational.”

The idea grew out of the stories he shared with friends. They centered on wild characters he has known or strange circumstances that defy belief.

“I would tell these stories about my experiences and people would doubt that all these colorful things could happen to one guy,” he said. “I decided to turn there stories , all that are within my realm of experience, into a podcast.”

Some of the stories have featured an elite female Highland games athlete, a husband and wife team of personal trainers that give their stories about living with Crohn’s Disease and living with someone living with Crohn’s Disease and a colt revolver that is said to have belonged to cowboy performer Will Rogers, now a family heirloom.

“The revolver story was special. A good friend of mine inherited this revolver from his Dad who had inherited it from his uncle. It had this story that it had been owned by Will Rogers. I grew up in Will Rogers country, so this story really appealed to me. We set out to do some detective work to verify this story,” he said.

“You’ll have to listen to the podcast to find the answer,” he offered.

Garrett said he is looking forward to bringing another season of similar content to the podcast. “We have some really great stories yet to tell,” he said.

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New Podcast Episode features up and coming Kansas City singer-songwriter Courtney Ann Hall

The latest episode of the Kansas City-based podcast Within The Realm (released November 16, 2018) features a story about Courtney Ann Hall, an emerging songwriter-performer on the local scene. The episode features an interview with Hall and the audio engineer overseeing the recording of her EP, Alex Garnett.

“I was lucky enough to be in the audience the night Courtney sang her first original song for an audience,” says Within The Realm’s host Steve Garrett. “Now, just barely a year later and she has developed into a capable act and has released a single, with a full EP soon to follow. That’s a meteoric rise!”

Hall has been a regular performer at NKC’s The RINO’s Monday Night “Song Lab” and has recently performed for a Sofar Sounds event and other venues around the Metro. Her single, “Bottom Shelf,” was released earlier this month (available on Spotify and other streaming music sources) and will deliver a complete EP in early 2019.

Within the Realm features stories from off the beaten path but finds relevance in each of them. The podcast’s website can be found at


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