Up From The Bottom Shelf:The Music (So Far) of Courtney Ann Hall

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I first saw Courtney Ann Hall at a local open mike night for songwriters about a year ago. A few weeks in, she nervously played an original song accompanied with her trusty ukulele. The song, and she, became an instant favorite of Song Lab. She has continued to write great, heartfelt songs since that time and has been working on recording those songs and has become a regular fixture in Kansas City’s music scene. I spoke with Courtney and audio engineer Alex Garnett about the process and Courtney’s music on the eve of the release of her first single “Bottom Shelf.” (link in the Show Notes!)

Meet Val: Photographs For Honor Flight


Val Anderson claims to be a quiet person who just wants to take pictures. She’s pretty good at it and finds herself lending her talent to various groups. One of these groups is Honor Flight Kansas City, a non-profit that provides a one-day flight for veterans to Washington D.C. to visit the various armed services and war memorials. She not only gives us stellar photographs of these events but provides us with observations about veterans, their stories and America.

Skilley-ville: A Story for the Spooky Season


“Skilley ” is a Cherokee word that means, roughly something frightening in the woods. In the summer of 1977 between my 13th birthday and the beginning of school, I had my first real chance at an interact with a Skilley – a Bigfoot. The experience was ruined for me by the local newspaper editor, Sam Love, who was a Bigfoot Killjoy…and the original sighting turned out to be a hoax. But there are some that believe the creature does lurk in the woods around my hometown. List here for more!



American Girl, German Comedy: Playing It For Laughs


Emily Montgomery was the quintessential All-American, Midwestern girl until she took a trek to Germany, fell in love and got married. She now resides in a small village in the picturesque German countryside. Her adventurous spirit lead her to try her hand at a comedy open mic night and she liked it.

The German Stand Up comedy scene is still in its early stages and is growing due to the changes in German Society and youth culture. Emily leads us through a discussion with German comedians about this phenomenon and her own journey into comedy.


Hannah’s Story: The Big Comeback!


Personal Trainer Hannah Pithers, half of the Form Fitness KC team with her husband Matt,  was the picture of health and vitality. She had a full slate of clients and a life full of activities and travel.  The problem started out small and got bigger and kept getting bigger. “I could tell people I was bad or worse,” she only half jokes. She was determined to heal herself naturally, to live out what she believed, but her ordeal took her on a journey that tested her resolve and her identity. Hear the story here: