Marathoning For Two

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Listen to an inspiring story about Nikki, a young mother and avid runner. She often says, “We were put here to do hard things.” Her latest endeavor challenged both aspects of her life. Hear the story here.

Arthur Stilwell: Railroads and Voices From Beyond


Arthur was a mover and shaker. He was an innovator in the advertisement and insurance businesses, making a comfortable living for himself. He had a vision; connecting Kansas City to the Gulf of Mexico, a vision he saw through. Many towns including were built along his new rail line, two of which bore his name. He was a Captain of Industry – and he owed it all to the…voices.

Song Lab: Looking Forward to Mondays


Open Mic Night. Nervous performers pouring their heart and heart into music. The RINO, a venue in North Kansas City, hosts an open mic with a twist. The emphasis at Song Lab is original music and many KC Metro songwriters have answered the call. Organizer Ben Wendt set out to create a community for songwriters and performers. He took Monday night, the slowest night for the associated bar/coffeehouse, and turned it into a wild ride of original music every week. Hear about it here:

Whiskey: One Man’s Quest For The Best


It’s a passion, not just for the buzz but for the company of like minded souls that enjoy an evening of conversation and whiskey.  An old hometown friend has built an extensive collection of whiskeys and teaches me about some of the finer points about his favorite drink!

Within The Realm Trailer


Hear a sampling of what Within The Realm has to offer! In each episode we find a unique story to tell about people, place and things I have come across, all of which are within my realm!

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