Pop Bottles: The Debt I Owe Buddy Margraff


Sodas in glass bottles are making a comeback! There was a time when these “pop” bottles could be returned to grocery stores for a few cents per bottle. It was a good way for an enterprising kid like me could make extra money for comic books and a movie on Saturday night…and learn a valuable lesson in the process.

Community By Design: From Main Street To Grandma’s House


It’s common to hear folks decry the loss of community in our country today. There is a lack of diversity in our neighborhoods. We barely know our neighbors.

Could the design of our neighborhoods and homes play a part in all this? Was there something in the old town square and traditional neighborhoods that built community? Our guest Aimee Gray believes so.

Active in preservation and restoration efforts in downtown Liberty, Mo., Aimee believes that there was something very right in the traditional design of our cities and towns. She believes  borrowing some of the ideas from the past could help build better, more together, communities.


Broken, But Full


Memories of loved ones too soon gone are kept alive through stories, stories that tell who they were and who they still are. Recently, I gave an interview about becoming grateful through tragedy. In the interview, I discussed our journey through the loss of our son, Jacob. Even after the interview, there’s still lots to tell about how our hearts are broken, but full. Full of memories of the good he put into the world.

These particular memories involve a CD found in his car and a simple trip to the grocery store turned into something more. The stories behind them leave our hearts broken, but full.

My Only Sunshine


“You Are My Sunshine” is one of the most recognizable songs throughout the world. Few people are aware of it’s origins as a Country music tear-jerker and it’s place inthe politics of Louisiana. Fewer still know about it’s rocky path getting to that point…

And the song has taken on a new meaning for me, after an evening with the neighbor’s daughter Eowyn and the turbulent year that followed.

A High Stakes Halloween


Halloween is all fun and games…until you have something to prove. For my brother, it was coming up with an elaborate costume, Sigmund the Sea Monster, to dethrone Hal DeJarnett after a years long winning streak at the annual Halloween get-together. For me, it was expressing my self on this one day a year you got to be someone other than yourself.

It was a day I saw into the future, celebrated the past and decided what it was I was going to be!