More Than They Bargained For: Music Survives The Pandemic

Two Kansas University Journalism students, suffering from a bad case of Senioritis and struggling through  their classes during the pandemic had a final assignment before graduation. After beginning work on their task, a documentary about local music during the quarantine, they were inspired by the subjects of their film. Hear the story of Still Spinning: Lawrence Music Survives a Pandemic.

Before The Mouse: Disney’s Laugh-O-gram Studios

Before the mouse, long before the Magic Kingdom, the cradle of the Golden Age of Animation was launched in Kansas City. The Laugh-O-grams studio was home to what would become the biggest names in animation. How was it that Kansas City, if only briefly, was the home of the masterminds of cartooning? 

The Endangered Ozark Giraffe

The Ozark Mountains are dotted with odd-looking houses built during the Great Depression. When I was a kid, they served as a reminder of our “hillbilly” past and, compared to the new fangled pre-fab homes, they were out of date. It wasn’t until a handful of them came on the chopping block in my hometown that I learned a valuable lesson about these homes and what they told us about those that built them.