A High Stakes Halloween


Halloween is all fun and games…until you have something to prove. For my brother, it was coming up with an elaborate costume, Sigmund the Sea Monster, to dethrone Hal DeJarnett after a years long winning streak at the annual Halloween get-together. For me, it was expressing my self on this one day a year you got to be someone other than yourself.

It was a day I saw into the future, celebrated the past and decided what it was I was going to be!

Poor Mr. Dore: A Local Tale Through The Lens of The Frontier Thesis

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The killing of PJ Dore as he stood talking to friends in front of the Westville, Oklahoma Post Office in 1914 was the result of a clash of cultures, a part of the history of the American West. As seen through the on-going debate of the Frontier Thesis, the story, which has taken on the stuff of local legend, illustrates two opposing views of the American West. Listen in!

Go Ahead: Crockett Takes On The President


David Crockett (he never signed his name as Davy Crockett) cuts an impressive figure in history. Frontiersman, bear hunter, Indian fighter and hero of the Texas Revolution, his memory has become legendary. Author Michael Wallis, writer of the book “David Crockett: The Lion of the West” talks about another aspect of Crockett’s heroism. As a congressman from Tennessee,  Crockett broke with the powerful and tenacious President Andrew Jackson over the issue of Indian removal. Learn more about what Wallis calls Crockett’s “shining moment.”

More Than Just Tang and Velcro: Everyday Americans Reach For The Stars


“It’s certainly more than just Tang and Velcro,” says Dwayne Knott of the American space program. Dwayne remembers standing in an Iowa cornfield with his parents watching Sputnik pass overhead in the night sky. He later worked in the Air Force missile program and was part of a ground team that communicated with the Space Shuttle to determine air quality measurements during a historic oil field fire in Kuwait. He tells a story about how, as an Air Force recruit, he got a unique view to the moon landing in 1969.

Dwayne’s story, from Sputnik to the present, illustrates how important the space program has become as a part of our daily lives.

Hear the story by clicking the link below!

The Punk Within


Punk Rock has been misunderstood since its inception. Seen as a violent and rebellious music genre, it was always more of a lifestyle and philosophy. We discuss these ethics with folks that continue to embrace them while the circumstances of their lives change and evolve. A major part of the punk is doing it yourself or DIY. Listen in while these not-so-reformed punks talk about what drew them and continues to draw them to Punk.