200 Years Of The Cherokee Talking Leaves

200 years ago in the wilds of the American frontier, Sequoyah introduced his writing system to members of his tribe who has moved to the Arkansas Ozarks to escape the reach of the encroaching white man. They were skeptical of the new syllabary. Some thought it frivolous at best, sorcery at worst…but Sequoyah was able to prove his system’s usefulness. It was introduced to tribe members in the east and in just a few years it was adopted, giving the Cherokees a greater literacy rate than their white neighbors. Through the years, the syllabary has played it’s part in preserving the language and is a major component of that effort today.

More Than They Bargained For: Music Survives The Pandemic

Two Kansas University Journalism students, suffering from a bad case of Senioritis and struggling through  their classes during the pandemic had a final assignment before graduation. After beginning work on their task, a documentary about local music during the quarantine, they were inspired by the subjects of their film. Hear the story of Still Spinning: Lawrence Music Survives a Pandemic.

Before The Mouse: Disney’s Laugh-O-gram Studios

Before the mouse, long before the Magic Kingdom, the cradle of the Golden Age of Animation was launched in Kansas City. The Laugh-O-grams studio was home to what would become the biggest names in animation. How was it that Kansas City, if only briefly, was the home of the masterminds of cartooning?