More Than Just Tang and Velcro: Everyday Americans Reach For The Stars


“It’s certainly more than just Tang and Velcro,” says Dwayne Knott of the American space program. Dwayne remembers standing in an Iowa cornfield with his parents watching Sputnik pass overhead in the night sky. He later worked in the Air Force missile program and was part of a ground team that communicated with the Space Shuttle to determine air quality measurements during a historic oil field fire in Kuwait. He tells a story about how, as an Air Force recruit, he got a unique view to the moon landing in 1969.

Dwayne’s story, from Sputnik to the present, illustrates how important the space program has become as a part of our daily lives.

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The Punk Within


Punk Rock has been misunderstood since its inception. Seen as a violent and rebellious music genre, it was always more of a lifestyle and philosophy. We discuss these ethics with folks that continue to embrace them while the circumstances of their lives change and evolve. A major part of the punk is doing it yourself or DIY. Listen in while these not-so-reformed punks talk about what drew them and continues to draw them to Punk.

Talking Leaves: The Genius of Sequoyah


With no formal education and speaking only his native tongue,  Sequoyah developed his Talking Leaves, the writing system he developed for the Cherokees. Although he died over 180 years ago, recent events pertaining to the language have a direct link to the Cherokee genius! Hear the story, click the link below!


The Great American Desert


You won’t find it on any map, at least not anymore, but the Great American Desert played a pivotal role in the shaping of the history, geography and myth of the American West. It’s disappearance coincided with the closing of the American frontier. Find out more about this overlooked place…

Words of Wisdom


Join us on this episode as friends from Within The Realm share Words of Wisdom that they have applied to their lives. A revealing look into the thoughts and personalities of these extraordinary folks! Listen in!