A Brush With Fame, Once Removed

When I was a kid, I trashed the first guitar I owned myself. It was an old, cheap guitar that didn’t stand up to the abuse I, a young learner, put it through. My mother, on a Nashville trip, was kind enough to go by a music store on an afternoon off and find a suitable replacement. She was assisted by a older gentleman that, she later learned, was a guitar legend.

Yield: The Little Sign That Could

The familiar downward pointing triangle that allows traffic to keep flowing rather than stopping started it career on the corner of First Street and Columbia Avenue in Tulsa in 1950. It was the brainchild of a Tulsa assistant Police Chief. No one gave his sign much respect, saying it was confusing and unnecessary, but he set out to prove them all wrong.

100th: Our Milestone Episode

Welcome to our 100th episode! A hundred of anything is, mathematically speaking, a lot. In this milestone episode we take a retrospective journey through the past 100 installations of our show to discuss what have been our favorite moments and what we have learned from them. We hear from some of the guests who inspired me and provided great moments for the show.

Honest Abe in Bleeding Kansas

Before he was on the Five Dollar Bill, before school children memorized his words through the decades, before he was the Great Emancipator, he was a candidate for the office of President…and it wasn’t looking so good. He endeavored to make a trip to the Kansas Territory to see for himself the violence that had been brought about by the policy of popular sovereignty and maybe earn himself a few extra delegates to the upcoming Republican Convention. A rare look at candidate Lincoln and his trip to the West.