Protection, Kansas

There’s a lot of talk about vaccines these days. There was another time in our history the rush to vaccinate the populace was being undertaken – this time against the scourge of polio. The Nationwide effort began in a tiny community in Flyover Country, the aptly named Protection, Kansas.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Now that we can see the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, it’s time for a review. What’s the take away from our experience this past year?

I discuss small business, education and family with three friends in those fields of pursuit. What things have gone the way of the dinosaur and what’s here to stay? Click the link below to here the story!

Swing Low: An Unlikely Classic

The Jubilee Singers Quartet: Alfred King, James Myers, Noah Ryder and John W. Work II recorded Swing Low Sweet Chariot in 1909.

You know the song but are probably unfamiliar with its story. A song first sung in the fields by slaves in a remote corner of the South became one of the most well known songs the world over. This is the story of the unlikely route “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” followed to reach the ears of common men and royalty,

The Coming Golden Age: Live Music Post COVID

Those local entertainers, musicians and comedians, trying to make their first big break, were sidelined by the COVID pandemic over the past several months. Venues have been quiet. One Kansas City superfan thinks there is a golden age of live entertainment just around the corner. We visit with Ben Wendt of the Ope! Radio podcast as he peers through his crystal ball to the future of local music!