J AND J Property Services

J and J Property Services are providers of Katchakid brand swimming pool safety equipment like nets, fences and covers. If you’ve got kids or pets, or just a leaf issue, these proven products will give you peace of mind. Katchakid products are starting their 51st year in business with a 100% safety rating. 100% is peace of mind. So if you need to visit with someone about your pool safety needs, contact the good folks at J and J Property Services at jandjpoolsafety@gmail.com.


Martin Mountain Coffee

Martin Mountain is a place where friends gather to create art and make music. From the peak of the Mountain you can see for miles across the hilltops of the Ozark Mountains, smell the sycamores and listen to the sweet sounds of nature…and now you can smell coffee roasting from the work shop!

Martin Mountain Coffee is a small batch roast that leads to an artisan cup of coffee. They have several signature roasts including on created specifically for Within The Realm listeners: Storyteller’s Blend!

Check out all that Martin Mountain Coffee has to offer at their website! Or go directly to their online store.

Savor a cup of Martin Mountain Coffee at your house!