It’s Complicated! Zeke Proctor and the Goingsnake Affair

The largest non-military battle in the American West occurred 150 years in the Cherokee Nation. Often told as a tale of a Western gunfight, the battle at the Whitmire School on Peacheater Creek in the Goingsnake District was a much more complicated affair. It was a jurisdictional conflict between the Cherokee Nation and the United States Federal Court in Fort Smith. Who is to blame for the bloodshed is still debated and a recent Supreme Court ruling had reignited the jurisdictional conflict once again. Hear the complicated story for yourself!

Hello, It’s Me

It’s been a while since I started this podcast. I know not a lot of folks have heard the first episode and my quick introduction of the show and what it was I was setting out to do. There’s been a lot of improvement on storytelling, recording quality, etc. since that first episode, so now is as good a time as any for a re-introduction to what I’m trying to accomplish with this show. Hello, it’s me.

A Brief Encounter: Author Jerry Ellis

Has your life ever been changed by a chance meeting with someone? Mine has. Over three decades ago, quite by accident, met author Jerry Ellis while he was working on his first book. He uttered a few sentences to me that changed the way I saw the world and my place in it. We recently reconnected to talk about that day and what has transpired since!

Mr. DeWeese’ Stealth Education: The Flag Program for Potentially Wayward Youth

Educating a half-wild kid with a poor outlook on the whole affair was the task at hand for Grade School Principal Ellis DeWeese. Dedicated to teaching and to the future of his students, he found a way to redirect at least one kid’s ambivalence by employing the old “flag program” trick. I was that kid and I’m glad to have been duped by the King of Stealth education himself.