A Brief Encounter: Author Jerry Ellis

Has your life ever been changed by a chance meeting with someone? Mine has. Over three decades ago, quite by accident, met author Jerry Ellis while he was working on his first book. He uttered a few sentences to me that changed the way I saw the world and my place in it. We recently reconnected to talk about that day and what has transpired since!

Mr. DeWeese’ Stealth Education: The Flag Program for Potentially Wayward Youth

Educating a half-wild kid with a poor outlook on the whole affair was the task at hand for Grade School Principal Ellis DeWeese. Dedicated to teaching and to the future of his students, he found a way to redirect at least one kid’s ambivalence by employing the old “flag program” trick. I was that kid and I’m glad to have been duped by the King of Stealth education himself.

Turns Out They’re All Named George: Odd Fellows, Skeletons and an Enduring Legacy

What do you do when you literally find a skeleton in the closet. Kansas City artist Jeff Becker answers that question with the tale of George, the resident skeleton of the Odd Fellows Lodge he purchased. A tale that leaves you pondering what you intend to do with your time on earth!

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My Grandmothers understood the power of storytelling, the best way to get values and ideas into even their hardest-headed grandson’s noggin. Whether they were from the Bible or from the collection of good ol’ Aesop’s Fables, stories were a tool used for daily instruction anywhere my Grandmothers happened to be. In this episode, I reflect on one of those stories, the lessons of which still guide me to this day.