The Scariest Place In All These Hills

A story from my misspent youth in the wilds of the Cherokee Nation. Pre-cable TV fun for us was driving the backroads & finding ways to scare our classmates. One surefire place to this end was a remote, lonely stretch road called Beaver Gap. Tales of spooks associated with the place had been going on for years, having a cemetery right there handy didn’t hurt much. This is the story of the last time I was ever at Beaver Gap at night…

Neat Things Happen On An Urban Hike: A Kindred Spirit

In Kansas City you might find a group of intrepid Urban Hikers checking out art, nature or historic sites around the City. Urban Hikes Kansas City, much like our show, strives to illuminate things overlooked but worth seeing. Owner Lisa Pena visits with our host about various aspects of an urban hike and what she has learned in the process. The hikes present a new perspective to the City and create a little community along the way. According to Lisa, “Neat things happen on an urban hike!”

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Ninety Pounds of Dynamite: Kate Barnard’s Lasting Impact

The first woman to hold statewide office in Oklahoma years before she could vote, Kate Barnard was instrumental in bringing many major reforms to the young state. Her work affected orphans, children, widows, education, working conditions and more. She laid the foundations that benefits Oklahomans to this day, but she was lost to history for over five decades until…

A Pretty Good Guy, He Just Liked To Rob Banks

Charles Parrott was a lot of things; A husband and father, farmer, rodeo rider and one of the most prolific bank robbers in his time. A new book about his criminal exploits authored by his daughter Susan, is now available. It also delves into what made Charles Parrott tick. The book “Catch Me Or Kill Me” is a long awaited chronicle of Charles’ life of crime with new surprises.