Our Kate: Ninety Pounds of Dynamite

Kate Barnard was elected to statewide office in Oklahoma before she could vote for herself. She was a young, progressive reformer applying her vision of society to the new state government…and making it stick. She became known as St. Kate to those that benefitted from her policies, but she was thorn in the side to those who sought to use their positions to enrich themselves. Hear the story Oklahoma’s pioneering reformer.

Bohemians West: A Story Of Political And Personal Freedom

Charles Erskine Scott Wood (we’ll call him Erskine!) and Sara Bard Field were introduced by none other than Clarence Darrow as progressives that should know each other. They both individually were activists for worker’s right and women’s suffrage, but together they advocated for Free Love. Their story spans many years and thousands of letters that reveal much about them and their struggles and the times in which they lived.

“Bohemians West: Free Love, Family and Radicals in Twentieth Century America” by Sherry Smith covers the story. The author spoke to us about the central characters, the correspondence and the writing of the book.

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Mrs. Carson: Our Mother of the Kindergarten


This is Mrs. Carson’s Kindergarten Class at graduation 1970. We learned a lot in her class, but we had no clue how much of herself she was putting into everyday with us! My wife, also a Kindergarten teacher, sent me armed with a few questions to compare my class experience with her present day class. A lot has changed, but one thing hasn’t; I’m still learning from Mrs. Carson!

Primary Sources:What Makes A Story History

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Historians bring the past to life by using primary sources, material from the point of time being studied.  These materials can provide words directly from the characters in the story, but it’s more than just a story – it’s true.

Dr. Megan Kate Nelson discusses the primary sources she used to write her book “The Three Cornered War: The Union, The Confederacy and Native Peoples In The Fight For The West.” The source material was able to provide the details to follow some of the major personalities in her book who left little to no information in their own words.

Couch X Couchwest, the Music Festival


The COVID-19 pandemic brought almost everything to a screeching halt, including the nightlife with its shows and concerts. One important event for up and coming music artists is South X Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas. It’s a great place to see and be seen in music circles. It presents a lot of opportunities, that is, until it was cancelled for 2020.

That when two enterprising members of Kansas City’s music scene decided to find a way to help their friends who lost these opportunities by setting up an electronic festival. So was born Couch X Couchwest.

Thanks to their efforts we’re treated to a song from their first featured artist, soul siren  Love Mae C. You’ll want to hear more from her!