Keeper of the Stories



As best as we can determine, this picture was taken in the spring of 1913. The baby in the photograph is my paternal grandmother surrounded by her older sisters. In today’s episode we discuss the importance of learning and keeping the family stories. Photos, such as this one, can provide a great entry into the family story. Family stories connect us to the past, places and an extended cast of characters all of which are a part of your story. It makes your story more colorful.

Being the nosy little kid with questions about everything, I was lucky enough to stumble upon the story of my grandparent’s wedding day. The story was unknown to the generation that followed them and would have been lost had I not asked the right question at an opportune time. This holiday season, find a few lost family stories of your own!

Ozark Giraffe: An Endangered Species


Many areas around the United States have had an architecture peculiar to the area, dictated by culture, climate and the availability of materials. The Ozarks have their own peculiar breed: the Giraffe! These homes and buildings, some small and modest and others surprisingly ornate, had their heyday between the World Wars. Many Ozark towns still are graced by these structures from another time.