The Show

There’s a story behind everything and it’s all Within The Realm.

Within The Realm started out as a thought, a thought that the host, Steve Garrett, could put together stories of interest that folks would listen to. He had been told he was a natural story teller and he was able to always find a good story to tell. So finally in the fall of 2017, he set about to doing just that.

The show is established on the DIY ethic, that as much as possible should be done in-house.  “it is very much a labor of love,” said Steve. “I fall in love with these stories and hope I do them justice. Being a one-man production crew, with all the limitations that comes with that, can make it hard to give everything the polish it deserves. At least, I come close.”

The show debuted in the Spring of 2018 and has covered a wide array of topics, all of which can be found in the archives!