Show Notes: But You Don’t Look Indian…

One of the most-heard comments at showings of his work by Indian artist Bobby C. Martin is “But you don’t look Indian…” The theme of much of Bobby’s work centers around the subject of Indian identity – in fact, his last show took it’s title from that often repeated phrase.

You can keep up with Bobby and his work at and

Here are a few examples of Bobby’s work:

You Dont 2

Proverbs 31 
Bobby C. Martin
etching with embossment, encaustic, oilstick and oil on paper mounted on panel, 2016-2018
You Don't
But You Don’t Look Indian…
Bobby C. Martin
oil, encaustic, paper, cloth, license plate, teeth, grandma’s crocheted doilies mounted on birch panel, 2017
You Dont
Emigrant Indians #1
Bobby C. Martin
5-color screenprint on Crane Lettra paper, 2018
You Dont 4
Carr, Mabel 9230 
Bobby C. Martin
monoprint with oil stick, embossment and block printing, 2016