Show Notes: The Punk Within


Punk Rock has been misunderstood since its inception. Seen as a violent and rebellious music genre, it was always more of a lifestyle and philosophy. We discuss these ethics with folks that continue to embrace them while the circumstances of their lives change and evolve. A major part of the punk is doing it yourself or DIY. Listen in while these not-so-reformed punks talk about what drew them and continues to draw them to Punk.


We’ll meet Lucas, host of the podcast, The Nowhere Dispatch, “spooky, eerie and creepy stories from East Texas.”  You can find The Nowhere Dispatch at


You’ll also meet Pretty Boy, host of the weekly “The Scene w/ Pretty Boy – The past, present and future of Kansas City’s regional music scene. The shows airs on community radio station KPGZ 102.7FM each Friday night at 10:00 PM. If you’re not in the Kansas City area, you can catch the show at


Meet Major Matt Mason USA, a veteran of  the New York punk scene. An acclaimed songwriter and performer, he’s been compared to Micheal Stipe, Kurt Cobain and Beck. Check out his website here:

Enjoy a couple of the good Major’s songs here:

The World Is Not Against You

Animal Shelter

Music from Clearviews was used in the podcast as transitional music. Check out this link to the bandcamp page for this band from Kansas City’s scene a few years ago.