It Talks In Cherokee: The First Telephone Service West Of The Mississippi

Ed Hicks had seen the telephone demonstrated at the St. Louis Exhibition and in 1885 concocted the plan to connect The Cherokee Capital of Tahlequah with the new bustling City of Muskogee by phone line. Traditional members of the tribe wanted to avoid additional incursions of American business and government in their territory, so they were generally opposed to the idea until they learned the new device spoke in Cherokee.

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Happy Jack

Sometimes we need to re-evaluate a situation so we can really see what’s going on. Jack McLemore was my 9th Grade science teacher, he had also been my older brother’s 9th grade science teacher. Let’s say they had a…special relationship. The older boys had nick-named Mr. McLemore “Happy Jack,” claiming he only smiled while dispensing punishment…and he smiled a lot. Convinced of Happy Jack’s cruelty and sure he had it in for me,,, well, hear the story for yourself.