Mr. DeWeese’ Stealth Education: The Flag Program for Potentially Wayward Youth

Educating a half-wild kid with a poor outlook on the whole affair was the task at hand for Grade School Principal Ellis DeWeese. Dedicated to teaching and to the future of his students, he found a way to redirect at least one kid’s ambivalence by employing the old “flag program” trick. I was that kid and I’m glad to have been duped by the King of Stealth education himself.

Turns Out They’re All Named George: Odd Fellows, Skeletons and an Enduring Legacy

What do you do when you literally find a skeleton in the closet. Kansas City artist Jeff Becker answers that question with the tale of George, the resident skeleton of the Odd Fellows Lodge he purchased. A tale that leaves you pondering what you intend to do with your time on earth!

J and J Pool Safety

Belvoir Winery


My Grandmothers understood the power of storytelling, the best way to get values and ideas into even their hardest-headed grandson’s noggin. Whether they were from the Bible or from the collection of good ol’ Aesop’s Fables, stories were a tool used for daily instruction anywhere my Grandmothers happened to be. In this episode, I reflect on one of those stories, the lessons of which still guide me to this day.


January 5, 2022

As teased in our last post, we are welcoming a sponsor to our show. J and J Property Services, owned by listener Joe Burchett, provide installation of swimming pool safety equipment. Their products feature Katch A Kid brand fences, nets and covers, a brand with a 50 year track record of providing peace of mind to pool owners with kids and pets.

“We appreciate the support J and J Property Services has shown us,” said WTR host Steve Garrett. “We do this because we love it, but it’s nice to have others believe in our show, too.”

I’ve been around pools my whole life, my kids were swimmers, so pool safety is important to me. It’s fitting that our first sponsor would be an outfit that provides such an excellent product with great service.”

J and J Property Services can be reached at for consultations. Remember to use promo code WITHIN for a 10% discount on your order.

Be sure to check the Katchakid website for the outstanding products they provide. Customers in the J and J Property Services service area can use our promo code for the discount on their order.

We look forward to our partnership with J and J Property Services.