It’s Complicated! Zeke Proctor and the Goingsnake Affair

The largest non-military battle in the American West occurred 150 years in the Cherokee Nation. Often told as a tale of a Western gunfight, the battle at the Whitmire School on Peacheater Creek in the Goingsnake District was a much more complicated affair. It was a jurisdictional conflict between the Cherokee Nation and the United States Federal Court in Fort Smith. Who is to blame for the bloodshed is still debated and a recent Supreme Court ruling had reignited the jurisdictional conflict once again. Hear the complicated story for yourself!

2 thoughts on “It’s Complicated! Zeke Proctor and the Goingsnake Affair

  1. Thanks. I have tried to assemble many of the actors in a “virtual cemetery” on Find A Grave. I still need help finding the burial sites of many, including U.S. Deputy Marshal Jacob Owens. Lookup: Virtual Cemetery, Goingsnake


  2. Appreciate the Going Snake Affair. I have collected info on Chief Joseph Van from Spring Place, GA, who then built Spring Place in Cherokee Nation before his death in a steamboat race.


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