Try A Mental Health Day

We have had a great response to our episode “Josh Cress: A Healthy Mind!” We were sent an article and graphic to help folks in the workplace with their mental health. Helping people is always the right thing to do!

Before 2020, there were plenty of stressors that we had to deal with in order to keep our emotional health in a good place. But 2020 and now 2021 (and beyond) are throwing their own kinds of stressors into our lives, ones that are forcing us to dig deep into our mental health strengths and find new coping mechanism. It’s not easy. But there’s one thing that you can do to help reset your outlook: a mental health day.
    A mental health day is a chance to do a couple of things. Sleep, for example, may be hurting your mental health, and taking a day can be a chance for you to catch up in that area. You can also find activities that help you to re-center and refocus on what’s been troubling you and what you can do to change that. Need other ideas to recover? This graphic explains them.

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