SHOW NOTES: Clyde Tombaugh

Clyde was the discoverer of the now Dwarf Planet Pluto back in the Spring of 1930. His job duties included giving tours to visitors of the Lowell Observatory, adding wood to the furnace as needed and…continuing the search for the planet astronomers believed lied beyond the orbit of Neptune.

The following photos help tell the story of Clyde the farm boy turned astronomer.

The Tombaugh Family on the farm outside Burdett, Kansas. Clyde is second from the left.
Clyde displaying the family’s telescope purchased from the Sears catalogue and his first attempt at making his own telescope, using lumber for the tube. The imperfections of this telescope led to the building of the chamber and the much improved mirrors and lenses.
Clyde, still searching the night sky with his nine-inch telescope built on the family farm.