Show Notes: Broken, But Full

The origins of this episode actually started with an episode of another podcast entirely. I was interviewed by Tim O’Brien of the Shaping Opinion podcast “Out of Tragedy Emerges Gratitude,” where I discuss developing a sense of gratitude after the death of my 21 year old so, Jacob. See link below:

Out of Tragedy Emerges Gratitude – Episode 96

Part of that journey from tragedy to something more positive, I believe, comes through remembering the stories about what made the loved one special and how it was they interacted with the world around them. Part of Jacob’s story will forever be entangled in his music. Links to his bandcamp accounts are listed here:

Even better thanmemories are having those loved ones with you. Remember to check in on your friends and to be there for them when they are having a tough time.  Here are some resources to help you in such a time.


Suicide Prevention