A Summer Postcard

While we are working on new episodes for Season 2 of Within The realm, here’s a summer postcard! The episode is an encore presentation of a story from Season 1 about an important event in Protection, Kansas.

Even though we aren’t producing full episodes over the summer, we are still trying to build our audience. If you like one of our episodes, be sure to share it on facebook so others can find out about the podcast. This is a very grass roots effort, so we need your help to spread the word!

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You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine


Here’s a story about the song “You Are My Sunshine.” Because it is so widely known, it has become misinterpreted from it’s original versions. But something happened in my neighborhood that gave the tune a new meaning for some of us…

And I discuss the crossroads Within The Realm finds itself. Listen in….

My Uncle, The Cherokee National Treasure — Within The Realm

This story started out as a podcast for the show “Within The Realm,” (withinpodcast.com and in Facebook, iTunes, Stitcher and SoundCloud under Within The Realm!) but taking a cue from the “powers that be,” I will write about it instead. Vyrl Keeter (rhymes with pearl) of Muskogee, Oklahoma has been an educator, a political operative, […]

via My Uncle, The Cherokee National Treasure — Within The Realm

A Submarine for Oklahoma-A Memorial Day Story


Some communities may have a cannon or even a tank on loan from the US military displayed in a memorial park, but Muskogee, Oklahoma has something even more unique – a submarine. Having survived the pacific Theater in WWII, the ship experienced as many near disasters making her way to the Port of Muskogee. The USS Batfish opened as a museum on Memorial Day 1973 (45 years ago!) Later I discuss my favorite punctuation mark. Listen now!

Before He Was The Hanging Judge/A Famous Street Corner



Judge Isaac Parker is known as “the Hangin’ Judge,” but there was a time when he was just Isaac Parker – attorney, itinerant soldier and politician. Also, we go in search of Kansas City’s most noted street corner. Listen in!

Taking a Ride on the Southern Belle


All aboard! Join us for one of the last rides in streamlined comfort on the Southern Belle, the Sweetheart of America’s trains!While aboard we’ll learn a little about the Kansas City Southern railroad and how it came to be…and maybe have a lovely beverage, as well. Then we’ll see what connects a little natural gas well outside Dexter, Kansas to air and space travel. Click the podcast to climb aboard!