Taking a Ride on the Southern Belle


All aboard! Join us for one of the last rides in streamlined comfort on the Southern Belle, the Sweetheart of America’s trains!While aboard we’ll learn a little about the Kansas City Southern railroad and how it came to be…and maybe have a lovely beverage, as well. Then we’ll see what connects a little natural gas well outside Dexter, Kansas to air and space travel. Click the podcast to climb aboard!

So, Which Is It?


The Barren Fork Creek, a tributary of the Illinois River, winds its way through the Boston Mountains of Arkansas and Oklahoma. You are likely to see it listed as the Barren Fork Creek or the Baron Fork Creek or even the nonsensical Barron Fork Creek. Whichever way you want to spell it, the Creek is an important part of the area’s geography and culture. So, which is it? Check out the podcast for the lowdown.