Becoming “The Person I Needed To See”


A few months ago we met Hannah Pithers, a Kansas City personal trainer, during her “Big Comeback” following a life-threatening bout with colitis, IBS and Crohn’s Disease. She has not only fought back to being healthy and fit, she has set her eyes on a new challenge.

America’s Three Cornered War: The Civil War in the Old West


The Confederacy had plans for the American West. The Confederate invasion of New Mexico was the first step in implementing them. The venture proved to be disasterous, not only for the Dream of a rebel hold on the Pacific, but for the Native peoples of the Southwest. Dr. Megan Kate Nelson’s new book, “The Three Cornered War” covers the struggle and its aftermath. Listen in.

Ways You Can Reduce Fear and Panic Right Now

We are joined by Shaping Opinion’s Tim O/Brien to discuss his five tips to reduce fear and panic during these uncertain times. Find the article here:

Oklahoma’s Certifiable Congressman


The election of 1920 brought about great change in the political landscape. Warren G. Harding was ushered into the White House in a landslide and Manuel Herrick, the accidental Republican nominee for Oklahoma’s Eight Congressional District, went to Washington on his coattails. He was known by many title: Congress’ Aerial Daredevil, the Okie Jesus or the Loneliest Man in Washington.Having been determined insane and briefly committed to an asylum, Oklahoma ranks as the first state to have an officially determined insane person in their Congressional delegation.  He served one term in Congress but made a lifetime of poor decisions while in the Capital. Hear the whole story here.